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 1) UNESCO Geoforest Park




Now, Langkawi Geoforest Park formed into variant rock formations that have evolved into natural habitats for flora and fauna. It's diverse habitats such as mangrove forest and rain forest, sandstone mountains and tidal flats, caves and reefs and many others.

Other than that, it is also inhabited by some of the unique fauna species such as walking fish, fiddler crabs, reddish brown eagle, monitor lizards, monkeys, bats, dolphins, otters, etc. Views and explore Langkawi's magical, unique and wonders Island and learn how the mangroves contribute to the essentials cycle of life of the region.

Langkawi was the first in Southeast Asia's to be declared as Geological Forest Park by UNESCO. Houses of 550 millions years of geological history such the world's  oldest and fascinating naturally formed gems stones.


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2) Picturesque island

Langkawi is an archipelago of 99 magical islets around the Andaman Sea. These islands are surrounded by tranquil and serene turquoise sea that offer visitors to experience sunset cruise sailing or a day of island hopping tour.


In recent years, Langkawi Island has become a recognized boating  events from all over the world. With white clean sandy beach and crystal water of some of the islands, it's become a picnic, swimming and recreations spot for the visitors and public. However some of the islands are remains untouched and undiscovered for its treasure. Charter a private yacht, moor on a quiet bay for a picnic and swim in the tranquil lagoon before witnessing a magnificent sunset on glittering waters.

There are variety of island tours available from operators and the most and must visited islands in Langkawi are Pregnant Maiden Island, Beras Basah Island, Singa Besar Island, Payar Island and Rebak Island.H:00

3) Myth & Legends

myth and legend 3.jpg

Beyond beautiful of Langkawi Islands, one of the attractions in this magical island is its myth and legends. Langkawi legends have been often spoken within the residents nor visitors. Most of the part or places in Langkawi island has its own story or myth of fantastic tales that been told from generation to generation of Langkawi's residents. 

Among the most popular legends, myths or tales in Langkawi Island are The Stories of Mahsuri, Dayang Bunting (Pregnant Maiden), Mount of Mat Chincang and Mat Raya and Seven Wells Waterfalls. The ancient stories of Langkawi, however, have not ceased to exist. Instead, those legends became a part of the attraction to draw visitors to help shape Langkawi’s landscape through tourist revenue.                

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4) Duty Free

duty free 1.jpg
duty free 2.jpg
duty free 5.jpg
duty free 4.jpg
Starts from 1987, Langkawi has been announced and declare as the duty-free Island in Peninsular Malaysia. One of the main reason why other Malaysian and people from all over the world pouring into Langkawi Island is to grab opportunities for great duty-free shopping.  

However, not all of the stores and malls offer duty-free prices, only several are offering duty-free prices. Most of duty-free stores and malls in Langkawi are located at Kuah Town, while there are also several located at Cenang Beach and other places.

Among the best value and popular to buy in Langkawi are chocolates, liquor, wines, beers, cigarettes, branded perfumes, cooking ware, cutlery, bags, suitcases, sports wears are all cheaper than the other places from all around Malaysia. However, there is a limitation by customs duty regulations for the visitors to carry out the duty-free stuff out of Langkawi from the Langkawi International Airport and
Langkawi Jetty Ferry Terminal.

5) Malaysian Cuisine

Langkawi is home to a miscellaneous international food scene. You may find Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Arabic and Traditional Malaysian foods. The range of food choices of dining on this island are numerous, so visitors need to review it in advance to get the best dine at the best prices.

malaysian cuisine.jpg
malaysia cuisine 3.jpg

Although Langkawi boasts a diverse international dining scene, Malay cuisine is a must try for any visitors to come to Langkawi island. The best Malay dishes in Langkawi benefits from the island's variety of fresh seafood and vegetables as well as unique herbs and spices, resulting in mouthwatering and delectable dishes. These delicious Malay cuisine are available everywhere and at any budget level, from roadside stalls to luxurious resorts.

6) Unique Local Culture

The beauty of Langkawi is further enhanced by the uniqueness of the island local's ways of life. The local's is still practising traditional lifestyle. Fishing villages, as well as paddy cultivation activities which are among the main sources of income of some local people, are proof that the culture is still in line with the locals.

budaya 3.jpg
batik 1.jpg
gamat 5.jpg

The uniqueness of batik art that is synonym with the archipelago is also blooming in the island, coupled with the industry of 'gamat' which manifested the economic background of the locals might be presented to tourists who want to feel the differences. Various activities may be organized by visitors who want to feel the lifestyle of the locals.

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