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Basic needs to travel

Travel Insurance

Make sure you occupied travel insurance that covers all of your activities, for example, scuba diving and parasailing.


Flight Ticket

You are advised to search any flight ticket for at least 3 months before you going to fly because probably you may find a cheap flight ticket to your destination.


Bus and Ferry Ticket

Please check the bus and ferry ticket's schedules as well as the prices. Book the ticket early through online is recommended if you are travelling on the super peak season because the ticket might be fastly sold out.



Ensure your passport is valid for at least a year and has plenty of blank pages. Also get a passport cover, there are cheap and will protect your passport from any damage plus provide a handy place to stash your tickets whilst in transit.



Have a full supply of any prescription medicines you require.


Credit cards and Debit cards

Please bring your credit or debit card that is accessible in international ATM's and won’t block you while accessing.

Travel wallet

With all documents such as passport, boarding cards, hotel reservations, plus cash and credit cards that you need to carry along while travelling, please find the easy and safe way to carry all those documents.

Insect Repellent

If you come to the island of Langkawi and choose accommodation in the forest area, you will find various kinds of insects but do not be afraid because the insect is not harmful. In case you are scared, you can prepare an insect repellent and it really effective to repel a mosquito too.


Tissue Paper

Keep some tissues or toilet paper with you. In Malaysia, water hoses or bum guns are often used rather than toilet paper. This is a gently pressurized water jet that you can use to clean up which is far more effective and hygienic than toilet paper. However, you may still need some tissues to dry up or deal with an unclean lavatory and do not provide toilet paper.


Prepare enough clothes but do not go too much because, in Langkawi, you can easily get the T-shirt at a very cheap price with a great selection. You can easily find at Cenang area or any other places. Also, make sure you have a light top and trousers that will cover your arms and legs – you might need it at dusk when the mosquitoes come out.


Cell phones

One of the most important things to bring. However, do not have to worry about the data because when you arrived in Langkawi, you can buy Malaysia Sim Card.


Keeping some moisturizers handy for your face to avoid the skin dry up. Famous brand such as CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion and K

iehl’s Ultra Facial Cream which genuinely feel a lot better than bog standard moisturizers.


Also bring tubes of toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, body wash. Obviously you have to bring some of this stuff while you travel, otherwise, you will honk on arrival. The point is that you do not need to bring a suitcase full of it.

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