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Currency and payment acceptance in Langkawi

Ringgit ( cash )

Ringgit is the only currency accepted in almost transaction. Visitors can exchange currency easily at any money exchangers in Langkawi mostly at the concentrated area such as in Cenang Beach, Kuah Town, Jetty and Airport. Cash is needed at night markets, some handicraft workshops and smaller boutiques.


Debit card

Allowed to use my Visa/debit card in Langkawi without any problems.


Credit card

Most of the large duty-free shops are accept credit cards. ATMs are found wherever resorts congregate, especially along Cenang Beach. Take care of your credit card as there are many credit card frauds reported in other parts of Malaysia.


Accepted in certain outlet.

Money Changer

Langkawi also provided money changer services especially in tourist spots such as at the Airport, Jetty, Cenang Beach and in shopping malls, located at Kuah Town. 

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