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LIMA langkawi 

Most of the tourist is willing to travel far away from their home just because to see the beauty of the scenery which is available in some places. The excitement in experiencing something which is outside of their common too may drive them to try it at least once a life. That is why whenever there are occasions or festivals held outside their country, most of the tourist will be there as long as they can.

Not to mention the tourist attractions such as Langkawi Island. As we know it, Langkawi Island is a resort island with its own unique diversity. Langkawi is surrounded by flora and fauna that are often the main attraction of visitors coming to Langkawi. Various destinations for them come to Langkawi.

                                                            There are many activities that will                                                           be the choice of visitors such as                                                               engaging with the nature of flora and                                                         fauna, visiting the Coast, conducting                                                           research activities and so on. Because                                                            of this, visitors who travel to                                                                          Langkawi are not just traveling                                                     but are looking for something worthless in                                                                            their place.

                                              Langkawi is also one of the most popular                                                      tourist destinations in the world from various        races and countries. this is because the uniqueness of Langkawi Island cannot be denied again. There are many assets whose value is not comparable and does not exist in other countries.

Also, should you know The peak months on Langkawi are December, January, and February. A combination of drier weather and the holidays really brings visitors to the island. Chinese New Year, which always in January or February, is a particularly busy time.


Duty free is also an advantage of Langkawi

to attract tourists to come to Langkawi

regularly. The cost reduction on every

item required by visitors is a bonus

to them as well as the benefits of

Langkawi residents.

Langkawi Tourism management has

also organized various events

that can attract foreign and domestic

tourists to come to Langkawi regularly

and become their holiday every year.


Various activities organized such as national

beach sports events, national beach runs, national water sports, Langkawi iron mansion, Le tour de Langkawi and others such as massive concert events from leading bands from around the world and many more organized events in Langkawi. They are targets many visitors and holds a world-class initiative.

The next thing that visitors need to know before making a decision before visiting a place is about the condition of the season where the destination is going to be. Just like in other places, Langkawi also has a season that may affect activity and travel when visiting. When talking about the weather, Langkawi has 2 types of weather that are common in Malaysia which is summer and rainy season.

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