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Langkawi Duty Free Island

Since the time in 1987 when Langkawi acquired the duty free status, tourists from other parts of Malaysia and overseas countries have been pouring in to Langkawi.

The most popular duty free items in Langkawi.

Although there wide range of items available in the island that are offered at duty free prices, the most value for price and the popular ones are limited to few items. And they are: 



Prices about 30-40% less compared

to Kuala Lumpur and you will

be spoiled looking at the varieties.

Tip: Do check out for expiry dates.

Sometimes very lucrative offers are given

to clear off ones that are reaching shelf life.

You can sometimes see offers like

'Buy 2 get 1 free' where you should check for dates.



Liquor, Wine & Beer

They are really cheap here. Tip:

 While buying liquor, if you pay in cash

instead of credit card, many duty free stores

would offer 10-12% discount on the printed price.

So do check at the counter before paying. 


Cigarettes & Cigars

Much cheaper than in Kuala Lumpur.

But don't buy from Langkawi airport.



At some places you will get a range of

designer fragrances from an array

of brands.

Lot cheaper than Kuala Lumpur. 


Cooking ware & cutlery items like pots, pans, cups & dishes

There is a wide array of brands Corelle, Luminarc,

Coring Ware, Visions, Pyrex, Acropal and

La Gourmet and lot more.

At some places you will find them really cheap.



Bags & suitcases

If you plan to do lots of shopping in

Langkawi and want to bring back lots

of stuff back home,

then it's a good idea to buy the extra luggage

or suitcases in Langkawi.

Some may be fake brands (like Polo etc),

but they are still good and lasting, and very cheap.

But you get genuine brands too at discounted prices.


Sport shoes & wears

Lots of great brands like

Nike & Adidas with great discounts!


Duty free Shopping in Langkawi

There are many other items like spa products, confectioneries, cameras & accessories, cosmetics, watches & electronics that are available in many different stores scattered across the town. As you take a walk around the town centre, you will find them in plenty.  

Note that while entering the island, you can bring in almost anything and of any amount without paying duty or sales tax (except for some specified items like rubber, marble, anchovies and petroleum products). This is because Langkawi enjoys the Duty Free status. But there is really no need to bring stuff in. There are plenty of duty free shops around the island including at the airport where all these are available at a reasonably cheap prices. For consumption in the island, you can buy as much duty free items as you want (like liquor, tobacco, perfume, cosmetics etc.) immediately after landing or entering Langkawi.

But you cannot of course carry unlimited stuff back home. How much you can take back home will depend on the customs duty regulations of your home country


 The  best duty free at Kuah Town is Langkawi Saga at Jalan Pandak Mayah. They are all mostly within walking distances except for few. You will get all kinds of items here duty free including liquor & wine, tobacco, fragrances, chocolates, luggage & bags, clothes, kitchenware and lot more. While there are large shopping centers in Kuah, there are also smaller independent stores selling specialized items like perfumes, spa products, dried fish, confectioneries etc.  


Pantai Cenang 

Pantai Cenang being the tourist hot spot, there are few duty free shopping centers that have come up in the area. Some items that you will get at great prices includes tobacco, liquor, chocolates, perfumes, luggage bags, select electronic goods etc at Coco Valey and The Zone. 

Langkawi Airport 

If you did not find time for shopping while vacationing in Langkawi, you will have your last chances to get duty free items at the airport, if of course you are leaving the island by air. While arriving, you can also do your shopping at the airport after having landed.

You can buy many great gift & souvenir items from here including the plaster of Paris made models of the reddish brown eagles of different shapes & sizes, key rings etc. There are several shops selling cosmetics, perfumes, sunglasses, clothes & T-Shirts from various brands, liquor & tobacco and variety of other stuff. 

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