Kilim Geoforest Park, part of the UNESCO, endorsed Langkawi Geopark, spread out over 100sq km and features striking contrasts from well protected flourishing mangrove forest to isolated sandy beaches and deep beryl tinted lagoon.😍🕶

Mangrove tour activities offer an interesting package for visitors. The package price is based on hourly counts as well as sharing and charted packages. You can choose anything you need. The packages provided the charter and sharing packages. About the hours, it starting from 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours and 4 hours at different prices. Different hours mean will be different place to visit.😎

At 9 am, they will come to pick up us at hotel with van and bring us to the Mangrove. Along the journey in pickup vehicle, we can experience to communicate with foreigner and locals. It takes 30 minutes to get of Tanjung Rhu Beach from Cenang Area. After arriving there, we were given a time of sight-seeing a

long the beach because it was still early to start the trip. At 10am, a tour guide was briefing about 'do and do not' while mangrove trip. We are all exposed to various info and knowledge about this activity. We are divided into groups to take a boat and it is very fun.🌴🌿

Next, we are being taken to the tourist attractions while mangrove tour. The first place we were visited are fish farm. There are various types of fish in cage. They provide some info for us about the fish inside the cage. The opportunity to feed the big fish there make us feel more excited because we never experience before. It gives us a great experience throughout the day.💦🍀🌲

Next, we were taken to the Gorilla Peak. There we are shown feeding activities to monkeys and also seeing monkeys playing around there. Not only that, we are even that was given the opportunity to see how to feed them. The eagles are flying near the boat to eat the food that was given. A long the Mangrove Tour, we saw a variety of flora and fauna such as mangroves, snakes, monkeys, crabs and more. It is a very interesting and amazing.🍂♥️🌴😎

After tiring to explore the Gorilla Peak area, we were taken to Crocodile Cave. We were shown the beauty of