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Travelling in Langkawi is generally safe. However, we also need to take precautionary measures to avoid any untoward incidents. Apart from choosing a reliable travel agency and providing adequate insurance coverage, you should also always be helpful to prepare yourself for emergencies, before damaging the travel plans you expect. Here is some questions that might be appears if anything happens during your stay:


What should I do if I lost my luggage at Airport/Jetty?

If you have lost luggage at the airport and jetty, please proceed to the inquiry counter and please explain the problem. The clerk will help solve your problem. But you need to follow the procedure as specified. You may directly contact the following number:


Langkawi International Airport Langkawi; +604-9551311

Langkawi Jetty Point: +60 4-966 7560



What should I do if I am attacked and robbed?

If you have been attacked or robbed, please immediately make a report to the nearest police station or call the following number:


Langkawi Police Station: +604-9666222



What should I do if I lost my passport?

Be sure to check if your passport is indeed lost before you report it. Once it is reported lost, it is cancelled and no longer valid, and you’ll need a replacement. Also note that offices handling such issues usually close on weekends and public holidays. Ask your tour guide for assistance, go to your hotel and ask for stamped proof of your residency.

You are advised to make multiple copies of passports for proof that you have a passport. And also do not forget report the loss to the nearest Public Security Bureau, who will issue a proof of loss for you.

With all the things prepared, locate the nearest embassy or consulate of your own country and apply for a replacement passport in person. You’ll be required to complete a new passport application and there will be fee charged for replacing passport.

After the new passport is issued, go to the Public Security Bureau and apply for new visa, so you can go on your trip or re-enter your country. Please note that in some cases, a replacement may take weeks to process, and it may be valid only for a limited time. So take especial care of your passport in your journey.


You may also contact this following number:

Langkawi Immigration : +604-9664400



What should I do if I fall sick?

If you have a minor accident and get sick like fever and so on, you can ask for help from the Langkawi Hospital by call this following contact number at:


Langkawi Hospital: +604-9663333

Langkawi Civil Defence: +604-9663309



What should I do if I get lost?

Please always take with you the contact details, such as your tour guide's phone number and your travel advisor’s phone number. With just a phone call, you can easily help you get your bearings. When you leave the hotel, please take a card of your hotel, then you can show it to the taxi driver when you need a ride.


Taxi Station in Langkawi: +6014-3479293



What should I do if I lost my mobile phone?

First of all, call and text your phone to see if someone has turned it in. Next, if you are IOS user, with the latest IOS update, APPLE included feature called lost mode that will remotely lock your device with passcode and display a custom massage on the lock screen. Use FIND-MY-PHONE feature. It helps recover a lost or stolen phone. If the phone is off or offline, unfortunately it means that tracking is not available. Last step is file a report at the police station.


Langkawi Police Station: +604-9666222

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