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Food in Langkawi


Food is the most important while people visit to everywhere around the world. Also at Langkawi Island, people can have so many variety of dining choices which is Malay food, Western food, Italian food, Arabic food, Chinese Food, Thailand food and also Mediterranean. As a top tourism destination, Langkawi have evolved and adapted to a wide range of the best cuisines. Seafood and Malay cuisine are the most popular and so many restaurants over the island which be serve that types of food. To get the best options visitors need to plan and review the best dining or restaurants in Langkawi first before reaching here.  

Kerabu beronok is actually a local salad

in which the main ingredient is beronok,

a type of 'timun laut'

(sea cucumber that

some Malaysians consider

having medicinal values) that can be found

only in Langkawi.

To those who have tried this salad explain

the beronok as being a bit chewy

but crunchy and soft.

The raw beronok is slippery to hold

and is either dark chocolate (when mature)

or pinkish (when young) in colour.

The salad is unique as it is not cooked

and has to be eaten raw.

If the beronok is cooked,

it will simply melt away

and turn into a salty liquid akin to salt water.

It is advisable not to go in for

a glimpse of the beronok in its original form.

Some may not be able to stomach the salad

as the beronok's actually appears much like a giant leech.

The salad can accompany rice and other dishes.

The Best Restaurants at Langkawi.


1. Red Tomato at Cenang Beach
2. Mc Donals at Cenang Beach
3. Hornbill Hut Langkawi Pantai Tengah
4. The Kasbah at Cenang Beach
5. Bella restaurant Cenang Beach
6. Kedawang Street 


1. Jom Ikan Bakar Padang Matsirat
2. Resturant Fatimah at Jalan Tok Senik
3. Hidden Langkawi Restaurant Pantai Tengah
4. Red Tomato at Cenang Beach
5. Wan Thai Restaurant at Kuah Town
6. Yello Cafe at Cenang Beach
7. Bella Restaurant at Cenang Beach
8. Kak yan Nasi Campur at Ulu Melaka


1. Wonderland Food Store at Kuah Town
2. Haroo Haroo Korean Restaurant at Pantai Tengah
3. Hidden Langkawi Restaurant at Pantai Tengah
4. The Cliff Restaurant & Bar at Pantai Cenang
5. Shin Mi Seafood Village at Kampung Teriang
6. Kapal Layar Restaurant at Telok Nibong, Jalan Pantai Kok
7. The Manhattan Fish Market at Cenang Mall 
8. Cili Kampung
9. Jai Cafe at Kuah Town
10. Mayhian Seafood Restaurant Pantai Tengah Langkawi Island
11. TRIMULA area also have many restaurant there. (You can choose your own there)
12. Nasi Lemak Ultra 

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