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As we know, every tourist who visits Langkawi really needs a vehicle to move around the island's attraction places. However, you should not have to worry as there are there are various types of private and public transport vehicles that tourist can use while in Langkawi. For instance car rental, motorbike rental, E-Hailing service (Grab and My Car) taxi and bus.


Taxi is available in abundance and they are the most popular and convenient transport in the island. However, the flip side is, they are quite expensive compared to the other modes. A 15 minutes ride on a taxi can cost you RM18. But you may find taxi almost everywhere - at the airport, ferry terminal, main tourist places, several taxi stands, and you can also stop a vacant taxi on the road and hop in. Check out Langkawi Taxi to know about the service, fares, rules and reserving a taxi for tours. 

Car Rentals


This is another great option if you know driving and can manage Left Hand Drive. If you plan to tour around the island, a car rental can be much more economical than a taxi. Driving in Langkawi is also easy and the roads are scarcely populated. There are plenty of car rentals available in the island. Check out Langkawi Rent A Car to know the do's & don'ts, the best rental companies, rental rates etc. Their contact number is 0135228800 and they will give you the best price for your rental.


There is no public bus service in Langkawi unless a coach is chartered by a private group. 

Also, you can search for Tedulous Travel and Tour.  Known as one of the best Travel Agency in Langkawi, they will assist you to arrange your itinerary throughout your vacation in Langkawi. You can contact them by call or What's App through the number 0135118800.

GRAB CAR/MYCAR ( E-Hailing )


Just Grab and it will automatically assign the nearest vehicle, either a taxi or car to you at an upfront fixed rate, allowing you to know your exact fares even before you book. Grab Car is a product under the Grab app that allows passengers to book a chauffeured ride for a fee. Grab ensures only vehicles and drivers with the appropriate commercial licenses are allowed to register as Grab service providers. By installing the app on your mobile phone, you can get a driver and Grab will find you the nearest available driver. Then, track your driver and know your driver’s location and ETA in real-time. Last, arrive safely and share your ride with the loved ones.

Motorbikes, Scooters & Bicycle Rentals









You can rent two-wheelers on the island. Scooters and motorbikes usually come for RM30-50 a day depending on the number of days you are renting whereas a bicycle rental would be about RM15 a day. You are required to wear a helmet by law and it is provided by the rental agency. You will also need a valid two-wheeler license for renting scooters, motorbikes and even mopeds. Your own country's license should be fine. There is hardly any checking for the licenses by the police unless you meet with an accident. Most of the rental agencies would collect a small amount of deposit as a security deposit.



If you come to Langkawi by ferry, you will find that there are many travel agency counters outside the jetty area. They are promoting their service and so on to you. However, if you do not take the package at the jetty counter, there are other options for you to choose the tour packages in Langkawi. Other than jetty, there are also numerous travel agency counters located at Cenang Beach. You can find a variety of attractive prices which suit to your budget there. You can also call 0135118800 for inquiries about tours around Langkawi.


However, do check out if the Motorbike/Scooter has the proper permit, otherwise, you will not be able to claim any insurance in case of damages. Also, we would strongly recommend you to take insurance coverage (usually RM 8-10 per day). Accidents in two-wheelers are quite common on the island. 

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