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Island hopping is an activity that will bring tourist to visit three islands which are Pregnant Maiden Island, Singa Island and Beras Basah Island by a boat. The duration of the package is a 4-hour and it is available daily. It is advisable for the tourist to book the package one-day early at least to secure your space, especially during peak season
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Beras Basah Island has some of the clearest water  around southern Langkawi. Although not a top diving spot, you can still have fun snorkeling here and see shoals of small fish.

Island Hopping

Pregnant Maiden Island has the famous Lake of the Pregnant Maiden, which is deep freshwater lake separated from the seawater by a very narrow wall of rock. There are solar powered paddle boats available for rent. Do be careful when swimming, as the lake is very deep.


eagle watching.jpg
You will sea eagles in many places around Langkawi. After all the name of the island has been given after the reddish brown eagle. Helang in Malay means Eagle and Kawi is reddish brown color. The reddish brown eagles (also known as Brahminy Kites) are the most common form of eagles that you will find here. You will also see many White Bellied Sea Eagles in Langkawi as well which are larger in size.In this  island Pulau Singa Besar located just south of the main island. It is a spectacular sight where large number of eagles circle the sky and dive into the river to catch their food. You will watch this for about 20 minutes while sitting in the boat.




Pregnant Maiden Island, Beras Basah Island & Eagle Watching

Island Hopping

Visit 3 Islands And Return Transfer


 Pregnant Maiden Island

Enjoy swimming at the largest fresh water lake and cat fish foot massage


⇛ Singa Besar Island

Watch stunning wild eagle being feed


 Beras Basah Island

Swim or Sunbathing and enjoy watersport activities


Duration: 9.00am - 1.00pm / 2.00pm - 6.00pm



Sharing Boat: RM50 per Adult / RM40 per Child

Charter Boat: RM350 per boat (max 10 pax)

Island Hopping, Fishing & BBQ


 Visit 3 Islands: Pregnant Maiden Island, Singa Besar

     Island & Beras Basah Island

 Fun Fishing

 BBQ Lunch At Beach


Duration: 9.00am - 2.00pm



RM160 per Adult / RM120 per Child

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