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Mangrove Tour

One of the most exciting tour in Langkawi, mangroves tours is a fascinating river cruise that take place at Kilim Geo-forest park or Kilim River. Kilim Geo-Forest Park is a nature reserve with variety of flora and fauna and astonishing geological formation such as mammoth limestone rocks, fossils, caves, lagoons, beaches and seascapes. Through out the river with dense green of the mangroves on one side and a mountain of 500 years limestone on the other side.

This tour also take places at Tanjung Rhu jetty. You can choose whether to depart from Tanjung Rhu Jetty or Kilim Jetty. However both heading to the same destination. Mangrove Tours also have 2 options, which are Sharing and Private package. Sharing Package only have 1 fixed trip per day, Which are 9:00am - 3:00pm. Return transfer from Hotels been include in this Sharing Package. 

Estimate time to starts this tour will be around 10:00am after gathering all the visitors in a ten seaters boat. This tour begins with first destinations which are Bat Cave. Once reach at the cave, there are a wooden footbridge that goes through mangrove marsh and right into Bat Cave. This Cave been named as Bat Cave by the villagers because of large population of bats inhabit here. Flashlight will be provide by the boatman for the visitors  before entering the cave because of dark circumstance inside the cave. It's might fly above your head and ruin through your body, however they are harmless creatures. This cave inhabited by these bats because of the suitable temperature and humidity inside here. When entering the cave all visitors prohibited to smoking and flash the light that might harm those bats. After through out the cave, visitors will go through mangrove swamps. Here you can find a limestone cliff full of plants and trees. There are very rare plant can be found here which called Cycad. This living fossil is an ancient plants that existed 200 million years ago. This plants can grow through hard surfaces like limestone rocks and clay. 

The next destination will be Floating Fish Farm. This fish farm is only 10 minutes from the Kilim Jetty. There are several types of fish been kept here. Here you can feed the huge stingray by your hand and see the archer fish shoots food affixed at the pillar by the exhibitor. Another rare species can be found here is horseshoe crabs. This creature inhabits in shallow ocean and muddy surfaces.


Not just the floating fish farm is amazing, The surroundings also wonderful with limestone cliffs along the shore forming shapes of mountains. 

After a few minutes at the Floating Fish Farm, visitors will be taken to an open calm water surroundings with high rocks and mangroves. from here you can see several species of birds such as Kingfishers, Kite Birds,etc. However the men attractions here are a bunch of  reddish brown eagles flying around the sky and snatch the fish on the ocean. Besides that, if lucky you will also spot with Bellied Sea Eagle which are hard to find elsewhere.


While visitors taking pictures of the Birds above the sky, the boatman will take out pieces of chicken skins to throwing into the ocean. In a minutes you will see the eagles closely snatch the chicken skins been thrown. Populations of the eagles been increase years after years. Now almost 500 eagles been populated in this area.

Next destinations the visitors will be taken through or pass the crocodile cave. Although, it's name crocodile cave, there is no crocodile can be found here. The cave shaped, fits the boat to pass through it only on low tide. When the water on the high tide the visitors only able to see the cave from the outside. As if able to go through the cave, the visitors will found bats at the top of the cave surfaces.


Just pass through the cave for a moment, the boatman will continue ride towards the open sea or known as Andaman Sea. On the Way visitors will see a small island looks like a shoe, which been called by the villagers as Shoe Island. Once arrive to the open sea you will see a huge word "Kilim Geoforest Park written on the cliff.

Then boatman will towards to Tanjung Rhu Beach. Once arrive at the beach, Visitors will be given 1 hour to spend there for swimming and relaxing. There are stalls there where you can find some fresh cocunut water, clothes, souvenirs, etc. Here, the operators will provide you with a simple lunch (fried rice + beverages), which already been included in the package.


After lunch, visitors will be taken back to the Kilim River where the boatman will towards to a calm water area which full of mangrove swamps on both side. Boatman will bring the boat closely to the shore, where you can spot a bunch of Monkey waiting for foods to be thrown to them. The boatman/the guide will take out their bag which is full of peanuts and hand it over to the passengers to feed the monkey. Don't be scared if some of the monkeys come on the boat to seize the peanuts because they are really tame.



Pregnant Maiden Island, Beras Basah Island & Eagle Watching

Island Hopping boat tours are inexpensive bout tours that explore some of Langkawi's smaller islands. For around RM50 per person, the standard tour usually includes  the following: eagle watching at Singa Besar Island, beach drop at Beras Basah Island and then to Pregnant Maiden Island for a cool swim or paddle boating at the freshwater lake. The whole excursion takes about 3 1/2 hours.


Beras Basah Island has some of the clearest water  around southern Langkawi. Although not a top diving spot, you can still have fun snorkeling here and see shoals of small fish.


Pregnant Maiden Island has the famous Lake of the Pregnant Maiden, which is deep freshwater lake separated from the seawater by a very narrow wall of rock. There are solar powered paddle boats available for rent. Do be careful when swimming, as the lake is very deep.

Island Hopping

Visit 3 Islands And Return Transfer


 Pregnant Maiden Island

Enjoy swimming at the largest fresh water lake and cat fish foot massage


⇛ Singa Besar Island

Watch stunning wild eagle being feed


 Beras Basah Island

Swim or Sunbathing and enjoy watersport activities


Duration: 9.00am - 1.00pm / 2.00pm - 6.00pm



Sharing Boat: RM50 per Adult / RM40 per Child

Charter Boat: RM350 per boat (max 10 pax)

Island Hopping, Fishing & BBQ


 Visit 3 Islands: Pregnant Maiden Island, Singa Besar

     Island & Beras Basah Island

 Fun Fishing

 BBQ Lunch At Beach


Duration: 9.00am - 2.00pm



RM160 per Adult / RM120 per Child

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