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Langkawi Island also known as Langkawi Legend Island contains a lot of unforgettable legends and historical existence. This 20 hectares area is a theme park of folklore and myths from the prehistoric are to the modern times of Langkawi. 

This park is a beautifully landscaped which located between the Langkawi Fair Shopping mall and Eagle Square. This park or garden houses mystical and lagendary statue of heroic giants, mythical birds, evil ogres, beautiful princesses and others. There are information provided for the visitors on the placards of each statue available here.

There are maps of Langkawi attached on the Gondowana Stone Wall at the entrance where it shows Langkawi's 99 islands figure map. Near the giant Stone Wall or entrance there are a large space floor that been made by marble and black stones. There are 30 meters path way with beautiful pillar lamps with dropping lights on top that look very nice when it lit in the evenings.

As you walk ahead there are a romantic pathway that divide the park through the middle and goes through arching trees from both sides. Besides been the attraction for the tourist this places is the main recreation park for the local. Every evenings you will see a lot of locals jogging and cycling here. Other than that there are also camping been made here several times by some of the organisation here. However for camping purpose need to get permission from the authority there first.

The total sculptures and statues at this Lagend Park is 17 that are spread across the park. One of the statue describe a myth story which is a battle between the two big giants who were turned into mountains of Mat Chincang and Mountain of Raya.

The tale begins with two families (Cincang and Raya) were having an engagement ceremony between their children. Then unexpected events occurs that lead the engagement be called off. The place where the daughter of Raya threw her engagement ring is now known as Tanjung Cincin (Cape of The Ring).

Then when the fighting occurs between those giants a crockery been broken, then the location where the broken crockery been called Belanga Pecah. On the broken crockery there are gravy which been fell out, and the name where the gravy fell it been called Kuah (Gravy). Now Kuah known as Kuah Town Langkawi y the locals neither the tourist. Kuah Town is the main city in Langkawi.

the legend of the beautiful maiden Mahsuri who was falsely charged with adultery and unjustly executed in 1800s, the story of the birds and evil ogres and lot more. 


Unfortunately, not many sculptures are in good shape due to lack of maintenance. Most of the boards below them that depict the stories have become blank or broken down. Despite that, the park itself is clean and beautiful. 

Next is a feeding section. Here the  visitors will experience porcupine feeding, ostrich feeding, arapaima feeding, monkey feeding, etc. Rather than feeding the animals sessions here there are Crystal Gallery. This outlet sells fine crafted crystals and jewelry from China and Brazil. 

Another major attraction in this farm is a crocodileknown as Bujang Kawi. Bujang Kawi is on of the largest crocodile in the world which weight on 1,000 pounds. This crocodile come from a species called Porosus crocodile. However this giant crocodile is a handicap. You can see this crocodile is without teeth and due to this handicap, it is kept in a separate pond area just next to the Bridge Pond. Although, having a gigantic size, it is not as aggressive as the other crocodiles here.

Besides exhibitions and shows from the crocodiles here, there are also Crocodile Skin Product Shop available near the entrance. They provide a high quality crocodile skin product such as purses, bags, shoes and others.

Since it is a high quality product and made out of original crocodile skin it will be very expansive​

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