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Pulau Payar Marine Park

The sprinkling of jade green islands that make up Pulau Payar lie just 30km south-east of Langkawi Island. It takes about one hour boat ride from Kuah Jetty Point, Langkawi Island. Payar Island is the best marine park on Malaysia’s West Coast, making it an ideal and amazing choice for a day outing during your holiday in Langkawi Island. The most interesting and popular activity at Payar Island is snorkelling and diving exploring undersea marine life action. Other best features of Payar Island Marine park is its Coral Garden, a secluded section of the park with colourful and wonderful coral beautifully protected and preserved due to its sheltered waters.

Been developed as  a Marine Life Park. This Marine Park consist of several island such as Payar Island, Lembu island, Kaca island and Segantang Island.

With exotic coral reefs and marine life similar to the Indian Ocean. There are several exotic marine species such as horse-eyed jacks, moray eels, clown fish, huge grouper, black-tipped reef sharks, black spotted puffers, barracudas.


Besides that, Pulau payar also has the wides range of coral reef species such as Tubastrea Micrantha, Semi Precious Antipathes and others. All these reefs serve as breeding ground to many different types of fish and also act as natural barriers to sea erosion that takes place at the coastal lines of the small islands. 

Once the boat arrive at the Pulau Payar Marine Park jetty, the visitors will walk through a wooden walkaway which leads to the beach area. There are four beaches in this island where you can choose any one of it to swimming and snorkeling. 

There are also plenty of harmless Black Tipped Sharks in the water where you can find it close to you. However don't be scared, they are really tame and never do any harm to the visitors. This species of sharks are really shy where they will go away when they notice people come close to them. Don't forget to bring water proof camera where you can take photo with this big sharks.


Others unique species of fish you can found when snorkeling here are parrot fish, angel fish, dame-selfish, the rare rabbit-fish, butterfly-fish, anemone-fish and many others. The best spot to snorkeling here is under the bridge, where mostly all of the fish are gather and seeking for food there. Under this bridge you can find the giant Barracuda hanging around seeking for its pray or food. 

On the bridge the visitors will be allowed to hand feed the cute baby sharks. However, the authorities there might warn the visitors to not feeding these baby sharks around the beaches. Although it really tame and cute, it has a really sharp teethes. 

To experience more exciting experience, some operators offers the visitors with offshore snorkeling which requires a boat to the reef area. The best offshore snorkeling area here is at the House reef which is near to the Pulau Payar Island. One of the operator here which is Langkawi Coral offer with Platform package which they have their own offshore floating pontoon where the visitors can snorkel there.

The most interesting activities can be done here is Scuba Diving. There are many of great dive sites and facilities here. With colorful corals and variety of marine species this Islands is the best place for beginner and certified scuba divers. 

Almost of the operators here provide Scuba Diving package with introduction lessons for the beginner by the professional certified divers.

Variety colorful of corals can be found by the divers from soft to hard corals. The best and most popular sites at Payar Island for diving called 'Coral Garden' where contains colorful soft corals and variety marine life. Other great sites here includes Grouper Farm. Japanese Garden, House Reef, Lobster Garden, Sunken Boat Point, Shark Point, East Marine garden, Rock Point, Lembu Rocks and Goodyear Reef. 

Facilities been provided here for the visitors convenience. There are toilets, changing rooms, rest areas with table and benches. However the water provided here in the toilet and changing rooms is from salt water. 

For Snorkeling and Diving equipment, usually all the operators include the equipment and tools within the Packages. Basic equipment for snorkeling and Diving been provided such as snorkels, mask, life jackets, dive gears, etc. However fins are prohibited at this marine park for both snorkeling and scuba diving. This 'no fins policy' are the steps towards prevent damaging the corals and marine habitats here.

There are no resorts and hotels available on this Island. The only options to stay at night here is by camping. However for camping activities here require prior permission from the Fisheries Department.

After a few minutes at the Floating Fish Farm, visitors will be taken to an open calm water surroundings with high rocks and mangroves. from here you can see several species of birds such as Kingfishers, Kite Birds,etc. However the men attractions here are a bunch of  reddish brown eagles flying around the sky and snatch the fish on the ocean. Besides that, if lucky you will also spot with Bellied Sea Eagle which are hard to find elsewhere.


While visitors taking pictures of the Birds above the sky, the boatman will take out pieces of chicken skins to throwing into the ocean. In a minutes you will see the eagles closely snatch the chicken skins been thrown. Populations of the eagles been increase years after years. Now almost 500 eagles been populated in this area.

Located within the Oriental Village, 3D Art Museum becomes one of the most attraction here. Future more than hundreds of 3D interactive paintings, artistically painted by a group of international artists will brings new dimension and experience to visitors.


There are 9 different theme zones that brings out differents experience such as Aquarium Zone, Safari Zone, Fantasy Zone, Optic Illusion Zone, Malaysia Zone, Classic Zone, Main Hall Zone, Interactive Zone 1 and Interactive Zone 2. Each of these zone will bring you to a various different dimension.


This museum becomes the second largest 3D art museum in the world and certainly the largest in Malaysia.

One of the new showcase at the oriental Village. This SkyRex brings you back to an ancient times. It's provides a dynamic and totally immersive experience that takes sensory and physically simulation to a whole new level. This simulators will bring you to enter adventurous Jurassic Park where there are Thrilling 3D scene that will increase your adrenaline.

a 5 minutes fun filled journey that assaults that senses-physical platform drops, dynamic motion, blasts of air, water spray, vibrations, dramatic lighting, surround sound and 3D film projected to the front and both sides of the tram, combines to give the most realistic experience possible.

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