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Experience the spectacular Sunset in Langkawi on the cruise. View the sky ruptures into bright reddish and orange colors as if there is a fire in the sky. Such a stunning view you will experience in Langkawi island. After the Sunset the sky gets filled with twinkling and sparkling stars and the moon rolls in. 

Sunset cruise normally offer guest with two different package. Where they can choose whether to have Private or Sharing Basis.

The cruise usually begin at the evening at 5pm and usually depart from the dock of Awana Porto Malai Resort or Resort World Langkawi. The cruise will take you around some of the southern islands of Langkawi. The sunset view normally and usually take place at the Beras Basah Island. From this angle you might seen the best sight of sunset in Langkawi.

While Luxury cruises will be departed from Kuah Town Harbor also known as Royal Langkawi Yatch Club. This cruise bring s you to the southern east Sea of Kuah Langkawi. Viewing several islands in this side then the captain will stop at the beautiful scheduled beach. From here you can have Refreshing salt water swimming or having some sunbath at the beach while waiting for the sunset. Once it is about the sunset time you will see the sun set far away behind the Gunung Raya Mountain.

Along the trip, there will be relaxing music played and there is a free flow bar serving cocktails, spirits, beers and other cold beverages which are included in the rates.

Depends on the weather, if the sea are fine and there is no harsh waves, the crew will open the net into the water and tow it. It is also called the Salt Water Jacuzzi. You will sit on the net half submerged in the ocean water with some drinks on your hand and being towed in wavy waters. This will be an amazing experience.

When it is about the sun set, bring out your camera and capture those fantastic Sunset scene. You will find bizarre flying fish, golden brown eagles pounces for fishes, secluded palm fringed beaches and if you are really lucky there are a group of dolphin swimming following the yacht.

When the sky turns into dark, the crew will open up the lights and BBQ Dinner will be set and serve on board. Usually buffet barbecue dinner is served with some fresh fresh prawns, fish, chicken, beef and several vegetarian dishes. 

Along the trip you will find that the captain and the crew are all very friendly and knowledgeable about the island and water areas. While having the dinner you can chat with them and learn about a lot aspects of Langkawi's society, culture and flora & fauna. This cruise last around 3 hours or at 8:00 pm.

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