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Known as Taman Buaya by the local, Crocodile Adventureland is located at North Western of Langkawi or Teluk datai Bay area. The entire farm area is spread across some 20 acres of land area. This farm been covered with lush greenery with hills at the backdrops. There are over 1000 comprise of both crocodiles and alligators. Those species is among of the largest collections of Malaysian saltwater crocodile.

Other than Malaysian slat water crocodile there are also imported, bred and hybrid in the farm. The crocodile here been separated in different ponds divided with different species. There are placards at each section or ponds giving information about the crocodiles.

Normally the breeding season is between December to January and males will get more aggressive during this period, fighting for females to mating. 

February to August is Egg laying season and during this period female will get more aggressive protecting their eggs

Once get the tickets, the first section is the Periodical Pond or Juvenile Pond. At this section or pond you will find a large group of baby and juvenile crocodiles. Only at 7-10 inch length, this little cute baby crocodile is relaxing on a piece of branch and rocks provide at this ponds. This baby crocodile estimate around 2 -3 years only.

Then the second section is the Species pond. Here both species of alligators and crocodiles are been unite together. There are placard been placed here explained the difference between these species. There are several difference between those species, the most notable can be seen by the visitors is their snout shape, where the Alligators have wider U-shaped snouts and crocodile front ends are more pointed and V-shaped. Other than that crocodiles tend to live in saltwater habitats, while alligators hangout in freshwater marshes and lakes.

Next stations is hooking pond. This is one of the interesting section where you will be entertain with crocodile show.  From this section you will see the crocodiles jumping for food. Then there are show Ponds where experts trainers perform stunts with crocodiles. Daily talk show with questions & answers takes place at Crocodile Education Center where you can also have a photo session with a 13ft crocodile.

The stunt exhibitions by the trainers usually happens twice per day. This section is the main highlight or main attraction of Crocodile Farm. One of the show here you can watch is a wrestling between the crocodile and the expert trained staff here. There will be two men lifting the large crocodile in the show. Other that that, there is a stunt where a man would insert his whole hand through the open mouth of the crocodile. In another show, one will pull the crocodile in a circle by pulling its tail. While it may look cruel, the fact is most come here to enjoy this show. The show lasts for about 20 minutes.

The last and the largest section at the Crocodile adventure land is the Bridge Pond. This section is the most interesting in this farm. There are a wooden bridge with covered roof that goes over the middle of the pond. At this pond the largest crocodile in this farm been kept here. As you walk over the bridge you can seek there are a lot of this large predators below the bridge seeking for it's prey. There will be a warning for the visitors when about to crossing the bridge from the staff there.

An hourly feeding session takes place at this large Bridge pond. The trained staff would come to the grassy land next to the pond, blow the whistle and all crocodiles would start crawling up and converge towards him. It's some sight when you see him offering fishes on a stick at the large open mouths of the crocs who then snap it with their large jaws between the teeth.

Next is a feeding section. Here the  visitors will experience porcupine feeding, ostrich feeding, arapaima feeding, monkey feeding, etc. Rather than feeding the animals sessions here there are Crystal Gallery. This outlet sells fine crafted crystals and jewelry from China and Brazil. 

Another major attraction in this farm is a crocodileknown as Bujang Kawi. Bujang Kawi is on of the largest crocodile in the world which weight on 1,000 pounds. This crocodile come from a species called Porosus crocodile. However this giant crocodile is a handicap. You can see this crocodile is without teeth and due to this handicap, it is kept in a separate pond area just next to the Bridge Pond. Although, having a gigantic size, it is not as aggressive as the other crocodiles here.

Besides exhibitions and shows from the crocodiles here, there are also Crocodile Skin Product Shop available near the entrance. They provide a high quality crocodile skin product such as purses, bags, shoes and others.

Since it is a high quality product and made out of original crocodile skin it will be very expansive​

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